Wednesday 22 October 2014

Halloween PI Bundle by Playinjector is up

Can't wait to eat some Halloween PI(e)? We baked a real special one for you to indulge yourself this scary season. It's called Halloween PI and it's made after our secret recipe with 8 magical ingredients:

Tier 1 - 1$
* Der Professor (Win, Desura)
* Spooky Range (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Dark adventure (Win, Desura)

Tier 2 - BTA
* Wooden Floor (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Motte Island (Win,OSX, Steam)
* Chernobyl Underground (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)

Tier 3 - 3.99$ or more
* Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Bloody Streets (Featured Game) (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)

Let's splurge, dear indie games lovers!

Pay What You Want - Help Charity - Fund New Games - Have Fun!

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