Wednesday 1 October 2014

Game spotlight: Armies of Alamar

Game 6 of our Autumonium bundle is Armies of Alamar.  

Armies of Alamar is the next step in Castle MMORTS PC gaming. We have combined a beautiful 3 dimensional castle and village building process with a 3d world that allows you as a player to interact with everyone at every level. Conquer lands and become the leader of a county or even a Prince of the Realm. If you’re really ambitious you could even find yourself on the throne itself. Be forewarned you hold these offices by might and wit alone. With the help of a great team supporting you by trading, ambushing foreign merchants, spying on enemies’ and sabotaging villages, you can rule over the Kingdom.

Become the merchant or farmer that trades with cities and players. Ambush wagons as they go to market as a shadowy thief. How about the spy master that sells information on another player’s village? Vie for the throne itself as a fearless warrior or play the saboteur that attacks in the dead of night, destroying critical buildings. The choice is yours. This game will allow you to truly experience what it was like to try and conquer and control your own lands. Too farm, merchant and fight others. To become the king you always dreamed about.

You take that and add in thousands of other like-minded players and things will get interesting really quick.

We have introduced a new dungeon questing system that will allow you to rapidly rise through the ranks. Go explore and find wealth beyond your dreams laying in the caverns below your kingdom. Once the Guild race has started the epic guild quest will be launched. This will be large dungeons you and your guild members will be able to explore and gather loot. Each week a leader board will be
updated to show the winning guild for that dungeon.

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 (Windows Updates recommended)

1024x768 + Screen Resolution

Processor: 1GHz or faster

1GB RAM Windows XP (2GB+ for Windows Vista/7)

DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

2GB of Hard Drive Space

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