Sunday 12 March 2017

The story so far..

So we've been out of the picture for almost 2 years now and many of you probably thought we just gave up on everything 'cause, well, things weren't going so great, anyway.
Well, if you thought this was the case, you wereee... right and wrong at the same time! We did give up on bundles, but we never gave up on trying to make a difference. :)

Things have indeed been really difficult for us, as we were a super tiny myni small team, without any experience in...  almost anything actually! :) We started Playinjector as a long shot through a pitch dark night, only hoping that we would hit at least somewhere in the vicinity of The Mark. 

We've always considered ourselves to be the "indie developers" of digital distribution. That's also why we've always had and always will have an affinity towards the indie game developers, and this is really what motivated and drove us to find solutions to make their lives (but also all other developers' lives) a little bit better. 

Just like them, we also know the world of the "indie guy", who simply refused to get onto the band wagon with the rest of 'em, and set out alone, riding into the sunset, to do something that has never been done before.

Just like them, we also know how it is to have to pretend to be a human on Earth, having to do all that "fun" human stuff, like going to the Super Not Unuseful University, and finding an Extremely Not Unfulfilling Job and all those happy happy, joy joy burdens, and at the same time still find the resources and time and inner-time to still be able to do what we love. 

We've spent hours and hours and days and years Trying, we've made and are still making ssssooooo many mistakes (heck, I'm doing one right naw! :D ), we've completely lost and completely regained hope so many times, but through it all, we learned, we bettered ourselves and we persevered!

And guess what! We'll never stop persevering, cause it's been the best fun we've ever had!!! :D

But in case you've been wondering, we have not been standing on our butts all this time! We've actually been working on something super amazing... sshhh!... :)

Something SO freaking cool, that it's gonna blow your mind so bad, once you wrap your head around what it is and what a gigantic impact it can have on the gaming industry! 

But before I give out too much info, I would really love to tell you the story of how this new Thing of ours came to be, how it dawned on us and the philosophy behind it, so that we can be on the same wavelength once we reveal our super evil master plan. ^^

All this and more the next episode! (yeah.. I know.. you hate me right now.. :) )