Thursday 2 October 2014

Game spotlight: Space Slice

Game 7 of our Autumonium bundle is Space Slice. 

After an unfortunate accident, Zyrth is forced to gather nihilium to pay the on-trip-mechanical-services that will repair his spaceship. It won´t be an easy task, though. Zyrth will have to face the most surrealistic events happening in his weird universe while smashing bugs, giant medusas, crazy
arachnids and overvitaminated squids. Among other things.

* Awesome interplanetary physics, defy gravity and take advantage of it
* Open world galaxy exploration
* Lots of terrestrial and flying enemies
* Big bosses
* Funky music
* Negotiate with merchants and buy items to power Zyrth up!
* Gamepad support

Get this game NOW with a lot of more games in our Autumonium Bundle!

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