Monday 30 March 2015

From dev to dev: tips for promoting indie games with 0 budget from Fabian Zech, developer at pheenix93

Today we invited Fabian Zech, a cool and fun guy and developer of Wooden Floor, by the way, the game just got greenlit, to talk about indie games marketing. He was kind enough to give us some tips.

1. So far, what is the game you are most proud of and why?

Even though it's still under development I would say that "Wooden Floor 2 - Resurrection" is the game I am most proud for now. The prequel is the first "real game" I ever released so there's still a lot of potential left for me and my future titles. But so far WF2 is making me proud, at least a little bit. :)

2. Can you tell us, for the developers out there, how did you promote it? Or give out your 3 best tips for promoting an indie game with 0 budget. 

I'm no specialist in promoting games, but I think it's very important to make a list of contacts, both people and companies, that may help you spread the word about your game. If there are no such contacts yet it may be a good idea to ask friends for help or simply write to possible supporters directly. The worst thing could happen is getting your request denied. YT Videos, Reviews, Giveaways, ... all those things are good possibilities to get in touch with people and make your project become more or less popular. Rule number one still should be: Stay yourself and make new friends, build a community and be a nice developer :D

And he is all that and more, I might add :)

Wooden Floor 2 screenshot

The road to Gaming Heaven is paved with Indie Games.

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