Thursday 19 March 2015

7 TV shows featuring Frogger

Today we celebrate World Frog Day our way: reminiscing about the golden age of video arcade games.

Does the name Frogger mean anything to you? I'm sure you all remember the days you lost trying to direct frogs to their homes one by one by crossing a busy road and navigating a river full of hazards.

The game became so popular it got featured in films and TV series.

1. Frogger made its television debut in 1983 on Saturday Superarcade Cartoons series based on video games.

2.  In 1995 Frogger is mentioned in a VR Troopers episode. Amphibidor is a frog monster who doesn't like to be called "Frogger" because he does not "hop across roads or rivers to avoid cars and alligators just to get home", as he says.

3. Maybe the most notable mention of Frogger is the one in Seinfeld episode called The Frogger. Jerry and George go to a soon-to-be-closed restaurant they used to visit in high school and discover the Frogger machine is still there, with George's decades-old high score still standing.

4. In 2003 in The MTV Movie Awards Reloaded sketch the Architect (Will Ferrell) says he created The Matrix, Qbert and Dig Dug but not The Frogger. He continues the joke saying he named it "Frogger" because it was going to be called "Highway Crossing Frog". That's true, the producers were thinking to name it "Highway Crossing Frog".

5. In 2012 Frogger appears in the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Go to minute 0:45.

6. Just before presenting the new movie called Pixels at San Diego Comic-Con, Sony announced that Frogger and other iconic video game characters will appear in it.

7. Frogger was also mentioned in the Burn Notice episode Bloodlines, season 5 episode 2.

So many great games out there. 

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