Wednesday 1 April 2015

Game spotlight: Tiestru

Game 5 of our Spring Fever Bundle is Tiestru.

Tiestru is a Unique 3d strategy game where, as the Warlock, you will fight your ruthless and evil enemy called Tiestru. Your sole aim is to save the world by protecting the Crystal of Light and this way defeat Tiestru. Tiestru is an old english word, which is altered to darkness in modern world.

In order to light up an area, you must protect the Crystal of Light also called the core till you destroy all the enemies.

For that you will have to use the power of different spells. 

Casting different spells will create different types of crystals. You can also make different crystal combinations. All these crystals can be enchanted with a powerline connection to the core! Enchanted crystals are more powerful or stronger depending on their types.

Furthermore, You can combine and superpose these cubic crystals as you want and obtain interesting constructions depending on your strategy and your imagination. With these crystals you can shape the warfare scene as it was your playground. You can use them as walls, or you can make longer paths for the enemy.

But they may chose to crack your crsytals, if they think the way gets too long ;)

In Tiestru, you will test your warlock skills through cities and deep dungeons. With additional 2 different hardness mode, you will be able to unlock the secret levels which are called 'stairs to hell'
and 'devils quadrant'.

Last but not least you have got limited resources. But you can build generators under rarely found light rays in deep dungeons. Then you may collect some extra resources.

Everything is up to you! Determine your strategy! Just burn the enemy or, teleport them and gain time. Or use build defensive bases, and collect extra resources for a hard bash!

Don't forget, you have got limited resources, that's why in order to build the perfect structure you must take into the consideration different aspects.

Orc entrance and exit points, walls, pillars, light generation areas, crystal's color and quantity are the key elements in your decision for your success.

Make reasonable choices Warlock. Good luck.

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