Monday 29 December 2014

Game spotlight: The Lost Island

The third game of our Christmas bundle is The Lost Island. 

A mysterious storm sank your ship and although you may have narrowly escaped on a lifeboat, something has caught up with you ... You manage to reach land alive, but this terrain was unfamiliar to any navigator of your time. You have no choice but to try to survive on this mysterious island of monsters and find your way out of the ancient ruins. Get ready. The path will not be easy, but grip the sword tight and you will prevail!

- The whole world is open to research
- A Mysterious Island with ancient ruins
- Full RPG made available to everyone
- Beautiful graphics and sound design
- A variety of enemies and weapons
- Multi-language: English, Spanish, German, French and Russian
- Truly addictive gameplay
- Realistic colorful graphics
- Various bonuses and artifacts
- Huge amount of dangerous creatures

System Requirements:

MacOS X/ Linux/ Windows XP or better
Processor 1.6 Ghz or better
VGA Intel HD 4000
2 Gb RAM
DirectX 8.1

Get this game NOW with a lot of more games in our new bundle!

Pay What You Want - Help Charity - Fund New Games - Have Fun! 

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