Wednesday 24 September 2014

Game spotlight: Exit: Escape from the bunker

Today we dare you to Escape from the bunker with the first game of our bundle Autumonium.

Exit : Escape from the bunker is an Action game, developed and published by Geckoo1337, which was released in 2014. You are immersed in the middle of nowhere - in a labyrinth where strange creatures attack you. You need to find your way to the blue light through 20 levels which separate you from the surface - your salvation. This environment is created haphazardly, and each time, into an unpredictable and completely randomized new level, you must find the exit. In the crates scattered randomly (again!) you will find your weapons, bonuses, health, ammo and sometimes some skulls which you can project with your gravity gun. Oh, I almost forgot something. Time is not on your side. Do you enjoy old school FPS? Then you will love Exit. This game has been created with retro pixelated graphics, and lively music that adds to the fun (NoSoapRadio) ++  

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