Friday 7 November 2014

Friends Forever Giveaway: Buy 1 Halloween PI Bundle and receive 1 for free

Wooden Floor and Bloody Streets just got approved for Steam! You will find Steam keys for the games in your accounts.

So we decided to celebrate this and the fact that today is Friday with a giveaway: buy yourself a full Hallloween PI Bundle and receive a full one for free so you can play with your friends.

The promotion lasts 24 hours starting NOW!

Tier 1 - 1$
* Der Professor (Win, Desura)
* Spooky Range (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Dark adventure (Win, Desura)

Tier 2 - BTA
* Wooden Floor (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Motte Island (Win,OSX, Steam)
* Chernobyl Underground (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)
* Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)

Tier 3 - 3.99$ or more
* Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Bloody Streets (Featured Game) (Win, Desura, DRM-Free)

After buying the bundle,  please send us an e-mail at with your e-mail address and your friend's with a short confirmation you want to enter the competition.

Share the awesomeness!!! 

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