Thursday 28 August 2014

Game spotlight: Plop Fizz Boom

The third game of our Back to sCOOL Bundle is Plop Fizz Boom.

In this remake of the 1977 arcade classic, “Depthcharge”, you pit your sailing prowess and ever-reliable surplus of TNT against hordes of enemy submarines and sea monsters, who would love nothing more than to send your sailboat plunging into the murky depths. Select between two available ship types and one of four difficulty settings in preparation for subjecting yourself to 16 increasingly relentless waves of sea-dwelling adversaries.

Load Game features enable you to restart your game from any previously completed level while varying challenge-settings can adopt play to the preference of either testing your skill or merely measuring the meager seconds of your own survival!

The game features intense particle effects and a dynamic day/night-time cycle with corresponding shading features.

Get this game NOW with a lot of more games in our Back to sCOOL Bundle!

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