Monday, 6 February 2017

Opening up...

Hi there friends! It's been a looooooong time, huh?... :)

So I was surfing the web the other day, mostly looking at cat videos of course, when le wild post suddenly appear somewhere that caught my eye. It was about a little girl who was one of very few people in the world, born with a rare condition in which her heart had developed on the outside of her body, in the middle of her chest. Now don't worry, the girl looked to be fine, she had grown, she looked to be about 6 or 7 years of age, and she didn't seam to mind at all, in fact, she was smiling all the time and seamed to be quite happy with how she was.

I continued to browse cats again, cause there's really nothing else worth doing in this world anymore, and had lots of "fun" doing that and other "fun" things :|... But there was something about that story that kinda' stuck on me... For some reason, I wasn't going to close the tab where the article was loaded. I just felt that there was more to it and that I didn't yet have the clarity of mind to process what exactly was going on in the back of my mind. So I eventually decided to stop for a minute and just think about it... Or better yet, feel about it... 

..There is a saying I tell my friends sometimes, that if you contemplate on a plain rock (the simplest of things) for long and hard enough, you will be able to understand all the secrets of the Universe. That much more so, when you contemplate on really meaningful things...

The contrast suddenly became painfully obvious. That big, beautiful smile on the girl's face drilled a hole right through the thick and tough layers of what I call "me" and shined a bright spotlight on the big, ugly frown on my own face. 

At that point I realized that my heart had always been on the inside, literally which is normal, but also figuratively, which is sadly common but not normal, and it's been trapped in there ever since I can remember things. And even if the reality of that little girl's life may be very different than I can imagine and actually very difficult, the amazing lesson that she triggered would still be very much valid, because it was the most perfect metaphor for how I should have been living my life, ..but didn't.

My heart has been wanting to shine on the outside for so long, and probably let everyone know that she's been "heart-ing" them all this time! :) It probably wanted to impart all those insights, all wisdom and ideas that she brought from that realm where only she is allowed to go. But sadly, nooo... I always found a very good and pertinent and "grownup" and bla bla reason, not to express what she told me.

I think that I have been wasting all this time and so many potentially great things and thoughts have been drowned in their infancy because of my... fears maybe? I am not exactly sure why many, maybe most of us are like this, there are probably more than a few reasons, but why the heck would I be doing this any longer?? I am 31 years old, I only have, hopefully, another 30 years or so remaining, and after that, I'M OUTTA' HERE! Never to have anything to do with anyone on this planet, ever again! Why waste time stopping myself at every step?? If there really is something worth doing with my time in this world, beside watching cat videos, it's to give the gift of the "whole of me" to each and every being I will ever meet!!! ...ARGHHH!!! What the heck have I been doing with my life???!!! 

WELL NOT ANYMORE! Today I am going to tell you guys all the things that I feel like telling you! :) This is my contract with my self and You are my witnesses: I am putting my heart out on a plate in front of everyone and que sera, sera!

..So first thing's first. My heart says hello! :)

And secondly, I feel I owe everyone a story of what was, what is, but most importantly, of what is to be with our myni, yet courageous project, So please stay tuned for the next blog posts, cause you are in for quite a ride! :)

Iustin Popescu

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